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Games at Gameonhai Welcome to Gameonhai.com, one of the main web-based game sites, where you play a full cluster of free online games, including action, board, cooking, dress up, puzzle, racing, shooting, tower defense, and strategy.

On Gameonhai you can play games online to accumulate games achievements - for example, high scores, and rankings all separate player page and can get grants for playing games. You can play single player games or play progressed huge multiplayer games with different players from around the globe.

Action Game The action game is a genre that stresses physical difficulties, including hand-eye coordination and response time. The class incorporates a substantial assortment of sub-types - for example, battling games, beat them ups, shooter games, and stage free games online. Some multiplayer online fight field and ongoing strategy games are additionally viewed as action games.

Board Game A board game is a tabletop game that includes counters or pieces moved or put on a pre-stamped surface or "board," as indicated by a lot of tenets. A few best online games depend on the unadulterated system, yet may contain a component of shot; and some are merely a possibility, with no element of ability.

Cooking Games In this genre, the player is entrusted with preparing different suppers utilizing the gadget's touch screen. The player uses the stylus or their finger to perform distinctive kitchen undertakings, including slashing vegetables, cutting meat, flipping nourishment in skillet, and organizing the last things on the plate.

Dress up Games Dress up is a genre played for the most part by kids. It includes dressing up, more often than not to mimic somebody or something, similar to a creature or character in fantasy. The kind of garments they dress up infrequently takes after their identity endeavoring to be, either grown-ups' garments or extraordinary play garments structured explicitly for dress up like plume boas and adornments.

Puzzle Games Puzzle games make up a novel classification of computer games that underscore perplex tackling. The sorts of riddles can test numerous critical thinking aptitudes, including rationale, design acknowledgment, grouping unraveling, and word finish. The player may have tremendous time to solve a riddle, or there might be a period limit, or less complex puzzles might become troublesome by finishing them continuously.

Racing Game The racing game type is the category of computer games, either in the principal individual or third-individual point of view, enabling the player to free games to play now quickly in a racing challenge with land, water, air or space vehicles. You can set them on anything from real-world racing leagues to altogether original settings. As a rule, they can be put along a range anyplace between no-nonsense recreations, and less difficult arcade racing online games for boys.

Shooting Games A shooting game is a class of computer game, allowing the player to have restricted spatial control of his character, and the spotlight is primarily on the thrashing of the character's enemies utilizing long-ranged weaponry.

Tower Defense Games Tower defense (TD) is a subgenre of system computer online games for girls where the objective is to protect a player's regions or assets by eliminating the enemy attacks, for the most part, accomplished by putting guarded structures on or along their way of assault.

Strategy Games A strategy game is a category in which the players' uncoerced, and frequently independent central leadership aptitudes have high importance in deciding the result. Practically, all system decisions require inside choice tree style consideration and regularly great situational mindfulness.